About me

My name is Jenny and since 2015 I run Jenny's. I grew up here on the farm that has been in my family since 1722 and I am the 9th generation.

My genuine interest in nature and the body has always existed and in 2014 I took an herbal course to learn how to make ointments, soaps, etc. for household needs, which was very interesting and useful.

In the autumn of 2019, I had the opportunity to take over a major ointment production for animals and humans, for which I am incredibly grateful. Now I get to live my dream which is to be self-employed and live and have my business at home, which gives great freedoms under great responsibility, which suits me very well.

When I'm not working, I like to dance and train. I have been dancing since I was 15 years old and then it is bugg, foxtrot and wcs that apply. I go to as much dance as I can, because that's the best I know. When I train, I am running and skiing. When I was younger, I did athletics, so it is not impossible that I will return to the athletics fields again.

My products for humans

Superbra Bisalva

Product information: A nice and soft beeswax ointment. Has a softening effect on the lips, hands and feet.

Good for, among other things, small wounds, cracks and dry feet. Has a faint scent of beeswax.

Contents: olive oil, beeswax, marigold, vitamin E 

Superbra Teatree Salva

Product information: Emollient and healing skin ointment that is also fungicidal and bactericidal.

Good for skin infections, eczema, athlete's foot, acne, muscle aches and insect bites.

Contains: olive oil, beeswax, tea tree oil.

Superbra Snytsalva

Product information: Super good soothing ointment that is refreshing for the respiratory tract and prevents nasal congestion.

Apply a little ointment to the nose if necessary.

Contents: olive oil, beeswax, marigold, essential oils

Superbra Bistick

Product information: Lip surgery for dry lips, cold sores and self-cracks. As good in winter as in summer, protects against cold and sun.

Contents: olive oil, beeswax, marigold, vitamin E.

Superbra knottsalva

Product information: Emollient beeswax ointment with a faint scent of citronella that keeps gnats and mosquitoes away. Helps against itching caused by sun and insect infestation. Contents: olive oil, beeswax, marigold, vitamin B5, vitamin A, essential oils

My products for animals

Superbra hästsalva

Skin and hoof care, as it has proven unsurpassed. Also contains marigold, good for new skin cells, and vitamin B5, which stimulates hair growth and gives a further enhanced effect of the ointment. Has a softening effect and restores the skin in normal balance. Heavy and easy to work with, penetrates nicely into the skin and gives a quick effect. It is a popular pastern ointment.

Superbra Grön Hästsalva

is a soft beeswax ointment with a scent of citronella, for a natural treatment of the horse's skin during the summer.

Also used with advantage for preventive purposes on exposed skin areas. The ointment is easy to apply and is quickly absorbed by the skin, in addition, an excellent summer ointment that keeps gnats and mosquitoes away. Summer ointment helps against itching caused by sun and insect infestation

Superbra Hundsalva

Soft beeswax ointment, for natural treatment of the dog's pads and skin. The smell makes it distasteful for the dog to lick the ointment. Emollient for dryness and calluses. Used on dog paws and other exposed skin areas. Prevents the occurrence of cracks, and provides protection in winter against cold and road salt.